Japan’s Energy Struggle Continues as Utilities Miss Renewable Energy Target

19:08 Jul 25 2011 Japan

The Japanese power distribution companies have failed to meet their renewable energy targets for the last financial year. 53 power utilities are required to procure a specified percentage of their total power mix from renewable energy sources. For financial year 2010, the power utilities were required to procure 11 billion kWh however, they could procure only 10.245 billion kWh, around 755,000 kWh or 755 megawatt-hours short of the requirement.

Japan aims to increase the renewable energy share in its power mix to 16 billion kWh by 2014. According to the latest data available, over 330,000 renewable power generators have been accredited under the Renewables Portfolio Standard with a combined generation capacity of over 12,630 MW.
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